Shmoist - Saw Bae

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Introducing Shmoist, Australia's first perfumed and moisturising hand sanitiser!

Shmoist is a combination of hand sanitiser, fragrance and moisturiser. 

  • Made from 80% ethanol
  • Moisturing agents to keep hands hydrated and smooth
  • Protects against 99.99% of germs
  • 500+ sprays out of one bottle
  • Smells amazing
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Fast absorbing 
  • Recyclable cook packing 
  • Aussie Made

Saw BAE - A blooming wonderful combination of all the flowers in the florist. Saw BAE is your bunch of flowers that will never wilt. We musk admit that if you like to turn heads, this scent is for you. With floral notes of lavender, rose and magnolia this palate cleanser is for those who are floral and fancy.

Ingredients: Ethanol (80%), water, fragrance, dimethicone, solubiliser, anti-bacterial/anti-fungal, colour.