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Introducing Shmoist, Australia's first perfumed and moisturing hand sanitiser!

Schomist is a combination of hand sanitiser, fragrance and moisturiser. 

  • Made from 80% ethanol
  • Moisturing agents to keep hands hydrated and smooth
  • Protects against 99.99% of germs
  • 500+ sprays out of one bottle
  • Smells amazing
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Fast absorbing 
  • Recyclable cook packing 
  • Aussie Made

Introduding six scents:

  • Saw BAE - A blooming wonderful combination of all the flowers in the florist. Saw BAE is your bunch of flowers that will never wilt. We musk admit that if you like to turn heads, this scent is for you. With floral notes of lavender, rose and magnolia this palate cleanser is for those who are floral and fancy.
  • Daily Rind - Shmoist Daily Rind is for the citrus lovers out there! The fragrance includes a mix of citrus, musk, aromatics and fresh spices. Like a freshly opened jar of marmalade this scent is your jam. This is the fragrance for those with a zest for life and those who like to squeeze every ounce of effort out of everything they do. 
  • Sweet Spot - Sugar and spice and all things nice. Shmoist Sweet Spot's warm vanilla and sugary notes will give you that calorie fix you're looking for. This fragrance is for those who know how to sprinkle on the charm.
  • Rose Aye - Way better than the one you drink, this Rose Aye is powerful and alluring. This scent is floral and spicy and is for the person in your life who sees the world through rose coloured glasses. Don't forget to stop and smell the Rose Aye's
  • Down Under - Throw another shrimp on the Barbie or Ken for that matter. If you've been Down Under of even if you haven't, this fragrance will take you there. Down Under reeks of an Aussie summer at Bondi Beach. Think of the fresh smell of the sea breeze combined with sweet subtle notes of tanning oil. This is the fragrance that exudes summer and long lazy days by the ocean.
  • EAU.M.G - Inhale the freshness of the earth after it rains as you spritz EAU.M.G. Soon you'll be saying 'OMG!' The fragrance combination of the best of nature, tree and woods brings out the herbal notes and citrusy undertones so you can transport to a lush green forest with every spritz.